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General remodeling


Everlast Construction. is your go-to source for General Contracting in Bay Area.  We want to transform your home into a unique living space based on your exact desires and specifications.

  • We specialize in all phases of home improvement.
  • Our professionals are experts in many different trades.
  • No project is too big or small.
  • We remodel both the inside and outside of your home.

As a full service design and build firm, we can do everything from a complete renovation to changing the exterior of your residential property. We provide a complete service, with professionals excelling in every category of home remodeling.

When you choose Everlast Construction. for you home in Bay Area, we take care of every detail.  Since we are the only contractor you need for every type of job in your remodeling, we figure out the right timing for your project. We make remodeling your home easy with one stop shopping for all your needs


Try To Establish a Budget For Your Project.

In fact you may want to do this first. Only you know what you have(or want) to spend on renovating your house. Tell your designer or contractor the amount of your budget. Don’t make them guess. Many people (particularly homeowners) are reluctant to tell their contractor or architect that figure. Despite their experience, it does little good if the project is either over budget or under designed and if there is enough money for what you may have in mind. A contractor can help keep the costs down also, as he is the one in the field. It only serves to create confusion and frustration,add costs, and to delay the project if the contractors are left guessing. To ensure that the contractor’s and sub-contractors work is in compliance with the construction drawings(i.e contract documents and general specifications) for expected performance requirements. unlike a design/build firm, Architects and contractors generally have no financial ties to specific brands or manufacturers and installers: ( i.e. their profit margin is not tied to the cost of, say, one brand of windows versus another). This enables a contractor to recommend products and systems, which are likely to better address, your needs, aesthetic requirements and budget.

Be cautious of taking the lowest bid:

Contrary to some beliefs, the lowest bid does not guarantee that you are dealing with the most honest or efficient builder. Low bids may be an indication of a contractor omitting (through error or inexperience) necessary steps, time and/or resources to complete a task or set of tasks `properly. If you receive 3-5 bids for work, and most of the bids are within the same price, yet one is significantly lower, this may be an indication that the low bidder has indeed made mistake or error (in assessing the project requirements) While, contractually, the bidder may be required to complete the work for the amount stated (in the bid). If such an error is made before the project has even started, why would one place confidence in the same bidder ( contractor) to complete the project error free? Such a contractor has a motive to look for ways to cut corners (as a means of recouping his loss) on the project at your expense.