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Quality Assurance

Supervision of your project requires a consistent, organized approach to each phase of construction checking the work performed against Drawings, Specifications, and Conditions with Trade Crews and Suppliers. Your daily and weekly construction "Quality Assurance" inspections will be much more than examining materials and methods; this will be an opportunity to greet people, establish relationships, as well as look for hazardous conditions or unsafe practices.

Quality Assurance Process

  1. Check work site contractors, permit, inspections.
  2. Make sure work is done according to contract details.
  3. Quallity Control work in progress.
  4. Identify potential issues to prevent problems.
  5. Keep communication with client and crew.
  6. Coordinate issues found to the project manager and clients.

Given the variety of circumstances in residential construction, it becomes very difficult to create a master checklist covering all circumstances. Although the following checklist may seem comprehensive, it should merely be regarded as a guide and should NOT be used as a means to troubleshoot your project. The most important aspect of the checklist is to understand the level of detail you'll encounter should you decide to act as an ownerbuilder. If you're uncomfortable with this responsibility, then you'll definitely want to hire the services of a construction manager or general contractor to assist you in project management duties.

The following checklist does not become a substitute for good observation and critical thinking about quality Assurance for your project per your product and material specifications.